Call for Papers

ICOMSSC 2021 is seeking original papers for presentation at this event. Researchers and participants from academia, industry, and government organizations are invited to submit papers , and the ICOMSSC topics and applications include but are not limited to:

Topics Areas

      Topic 1: Computer

      Algorithm Design
      Analysis of Algorithms
      Information system and Computer aided Education
      Cloud Computing
      Cognitive Science
      Computability Theory
      Computational Complexity Theory
      Computational Linguistics
      Computational Neuroscience
      Computer Animation
      Numerical Analysis
      Operating Systems
      Programming Paradigms
      Quantum Computing Theory
      Requirements Analysis
      Scientific Computing
      Computer Programming
      Database Management Systems
      Evolutionary Computation
      Expert Systems
      Information theory
      Logic Programming
      Machine Learning
      Natural Language Processing
      Network Topology
      Numerical Algorithms
      Software Design
      Software Development Process
      Software Engineering
      Software Testing
      Symbolic Mathematics
      Ubiquitous Computing
      Architecture and systems design for Internet of Things (IoTs)
      IoT applications and services
      Crowd-sourcing and opportunistic IoT
      Innovative algorithms and data analysis techniques for IoTs
      Fundamentals of cloud computing
      Cloud architectures & cloud storage technologies
      Cloud energy efficiency
      Mobile & social cloud
      Big Data theory, applications and challenges
      Big Data placement, scheduling, and optimization
      Big Data design, models and algorithms
      Big Data protection and integrity
      Deployments, test-beds and field trials

      Topic 2: Signals and Systems

      Communications Systems:
      Modulation and Coding
      Cognitive Radio and Spectrum Sharing
      Ultra-Low Latency
      Physical Layer Security and Privacy
      Wireline and Optical Communications
      IoT, V2V,
      5G and Beyond
      MIMO Communications and Signal Processing:
      Multiuser and Massive MIMO
      Channel Estimation & Equalization
      Cooperation & Relaying
      Interference Management & Awareness
      Wireless Networks
      Network Info. Theory
      Graph Signal Processing
      Social Networks
      Distributed Algorithms
      Computational Offloading
      Self-Organizing Networks
      UAV & V2V Netw
      Smart Grid
      Adaptive Systems, Machine Learning, Data Analytics:
      Compressive Sensing
      Machine Learning
      Estimation, Inference and Learning
      Adaptive and Cognitive Systems
      Adaptive Filtering
      Fast and Scalable Algorithms
      High-Dimensional Large-Scale Data
      Distributed Computation and Storage
      Deep Learning
      Array Processing and Multisensor Systems:
      Source Localization and Separation
      Robust Methods